Investment projects with an important economical character must be established. The investment project needs to be presented to Austrian Authorities diligently and carefully. The Citizenship application is no unofficial handshake deal with the Austrian Authorities and the Citizenship is to be granted for the applicant based on the popularity and economic reach of the planned or carried out activity for the benefit of the Republic of Austria.

It is necessary that investments already have been made and may be expected in the future and we assist to obtain the required support from official public or semi-public institutions in Austria, if needed.

The investment in a business in Austria must be carried out as headliner investment. Investors that participate in publicly well known projects must carry out the investment under the investor's name or participation. Such investment cooperation can be arranged in a way that the investment amount reflects a certain benefit somewhere else (e.g. shares of the Austrian company in return).

From every Citizenship applicant and for our engagement, we require 

- Passport and CV of the Citizenship applicant
- Bank statement showing more than EUR 10 Mio. in liquid funds

If you have any queries, please contact us at any time.